Our Clients’ Perspective

Amy S.
“Customer service with your company is #1 – in today’s fast paced world customer service is key. We appreciate the quality and willingness to work with whatever idea or time constraint Clegg’s might have. MarkaBull & Clegg’s have had a long standing relationship/partnership for 10+ years. It has been a pleasure to work with such a great team!”
Amy S. Clegg’s Pest Control
“I was surprised about how much MarkaBull was focused on collaborating to find a solution to the project we were working on. MarkaBull worked with us in a future-thinking model that has paid off for both of us in the end. I would definitely recommend MarkaBull, because I have come into their office without a meeting scheduled and they stopped everything they were doing to solve my problem.”
Brad Butora USA
“It is always a pleasure working with MarkaBull. Emails and calls are answered immediately, the products are great quality, and your ability to turn orders around in a such a short time makes it such a great experience. I recommend you as often as possible. Your customer service is incredible, the variety of products available is limitless and the pricing is ideal.”
Susan The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, North Carolina Chapter
“There were no surprises. Companies in need of your items are usually crushed for time and sometimes ill-equipped to produce the graphics and requirements needed. MarkaBull guides the consumer from start to finish – insuring delivery matches expectations”
Corey Saffron
“You guys do a great job simplifying the order process.”
John A Shred Ahead
“Working with my project, we typically need a quick turnaround on our merchandise. MarkaBull works with us on short deadlines. They always find a way to come through so that we have the products we order by the deadline. No matter what request we make, the staff are always friendly and professional, and work very hard to make sure we are happy with the finished product.”
Mehgan Practical Playbook
“We worked with a number of other vendors and were not pleased with the quality of the products or service we received. When we hired MarkaBull, we were thrilled with the personal experience we received. Rob came to the office a number of times to bring us additional promotional items to try out. In the past, we would receive a proof via email and that was all. Rob and Emily worked with us through all the trial and errors with our order.”
Hillary Syncfusion
“What surprised me was how fast we received the items that we ordered, and that the quality was not affected by the speed at which they were delivered. I would definitely recommend MarkaBull because of the personal attention the representatives gave us with our orders and the quality of the items ordered. In all aspects of working with MarkaBull, it is a pleasure.”
Tammy Ellinwood + Machado, LLC
“The best surprise was how nice all the staff are and personal follow-up on orders. We would definitely recommend!”
Lisa Broomtail Craft Brewery
“We are very pleased with the quality of products and pricing.”
Crystal Greenbrier Valley Brewing Company
“Very dependable products and services. Friendly and helpful personnel. We recommend the company to others frequently””
Sandra Chapter 13