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The Branded Promotional Merchandise and Printing Services Company of Raleigh-Durham, NC


MarkaBull was born in 1987 in Durham, NC. We provide printing services, promotional products, and branded apparel to companies, clubs, schools, and other organizations of all sizes. In Durham, the Triangle, North Carolina, and beyond.

Our industry includes more than 3,000 manufacturers, offering over 1 million products. It would be easy to conclude that we are just selling commodities. Tsotchkes. Swag. However, at MarkaBull, we focus on forging relationships, not just transactions, with both our suppliers and clients. At the end of the day (or an order), we want you to remember the product sourcing and service you receive, not just the price.

Re: MarkaBull service is our brand, partnering with your brand.

What is Re: MarkaBull service? We promise to

  • Respond to every request quickly.      
  • Spend time learning about your company, customers, and target audience, finding products that fit your brand, and budget.
  • Say yes to small quantity orders.
  • Work with factories that are as close as possible to your shipment location, to reduce transit time and shipping costs.
  • Provide a shipping charge estimate, before you place an order.
  • Not charge you for blank samples, virtual proofs, and factory proofs.
  • Provide a FREE preproduction sample-your item with your logo. This offer is subject to the order details-item, logo, and delivery date.
  • Email you tracking numbers.

For many of our clients in the Triangle area, we hand deliver blank samples, preproduction samples, and completed orders.

When your order arrives, our goal during the entire process is to remove the unknown from the equation. We want your buying experience to be hassle and stress free, when you entrust us with your budget. No surprises when you open the boxes.

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